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Get to know everything about Rahu Dosha: Its Effects and Possible Remedies

Get to know everything about Rahu Dosha: Its Effects and Possible Remedies

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In astrology, Rahu is an imaginary planet that doesn’t exist physically but it affects our lives vigorously hence we should solve problems related to this. It has huge importance in a horoscope of a person as the position of Rahu along with its accompanying planet Ketu holds great importance in our life. It is said that if Rahu and Ketu are placed in your horoscope at a particular position then it can affect you differently. Rahu Dosha is a situation where the position of the Rahu planet affects your life in a negative manner. You could face many problems related to your works and lifestyle if you have Rahu Dosha in your horoscope. There are the following effects that can happen when a person is affected by Rahu Dosha:

Laziness: The very first problem that a person can face is laziness because Rahu Dosha will make you lazy and you will not desire work. Rahu Dosha will amid a sort of energy that will make you stay in the bed for a long time because you won’t want to work. Even when you have a strong desire to work then you will not be able to do that in a quick time as well. The energy of Rahu Dosha is considered to affect your life for more than a year and your daily routine can be hampered during this time. You can develop a daily routine where laziness will play a big role in your life and you will always be lazy to work.

Delays: Because of the fact that you become lazy hence your works will never finish on time and you will face delay issues. Almost every person who is facing Rahu Dosha will not be able to make their work on time and there will always be a delay. You will find that a work that can be finished in quick time, would take a lot of time and in some cases, it would never get completed. You will feel the delays in your work because the energy amid during Rahu Dosha will never let your works be done on time. If you are experiencing such delays in your work that are not obvious then you must look for remedies of Rahu Dosha.

Hurdles in your work: Rahu Dosha is responsible for not letting your works get completed hence it will produce hurdles in your work. You would find that a work which could be finished very easily will become difficult to finish. This is because the effects of Rahu Dosha will always create circumstances that will never let you finish your work. There will always be hurdles ready for you to face when your life is affected by Rahu Dosha and you should do something to get rid of that. Vashikaran could be your first and last option to get help from as it can solve any problem of life-related to any part of life.

There are many other effects of Rahu that can be seen on the personality of an affected person like anger and fright. Well, there are best remedies in Vashikaran and astrology that can help you remove the bad effects of Rahu Dosha. Following are the possible remedies for Rahu Dosha:

  • You can tie sandalwood in blue thread and wear that as it could kill the negative impacts of the energy amid via Rahu Dosha.
  • Meditation can also help you to avoid getting ill influences on your mental ability that can obviously happen during Rahu Dosha.
  • On every Amavasya, you should go to any nearby temple dedicated to any God and donate water and four coconuts there.
  • Jupiter planet is marked as the controller of Rahu planet hence you should always respect your ‘guru’ as it will definitely protect you from the bad effects of Rahu Dosha.
  • Regardless of your age or zodiac, you should enchant the mantra dedicated to removing Rahu Dosha as it will help everyone.
  • Fennel seeds will help you in getting sound sleep if you are not able to sleep well due to the bad effects of Rahu Dosha.
  • In order to get quick and sure results, you should enchant Rahu Beej Mantra and you should enchant it 18000 times within the span of 40days.
  • The use of silver can also help you in removing the bad effects of Rahu Dosha hence you should add silver utensils in your daily usage.
  • The dark blue color is also marked as the killer of negative energy amid Rahu Dosha hence try to wear as many clothes of the same color.
  • There are many other remedies that are quicker than the above-mentioned remedies but those should be used by a Vashikaran specialist. Hence we suggest you contact our expert astrologer and get all possible remedies for your problems due to Rahu Dosha.
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